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  blueprint for trademark registration firm was founded in 1993 in Chongqing, Chongqing's Trademark Office (under the Chongqing Municipal Administration of industry and Commerce) restructuring of institutions, the State administration for industry and Commerce Trademark Office, one of the earliest designated trademark agents, is the China Trademark Association, the China Trademark Association trademark Trademark Association Branch of the governing unit and Chongqing, are the International Trademark Association. 1999 won Chongqing "youth civilization," title; 2006 won "Chongqing first Chongqing blueprint trademark registered, and Chongqing trademark registered, and Chongqing trademark application, and Chongqing trademark agent, and Chongqing registered trademark, and Chongqing trademark registered company, and Chongqing trademark registered agent, and Chongqing trademark query, and Chongqing trademark firm ' ten strong ' trademark agent institutions" title; 2011 won "2009-2010 degrees Chongqing advanced trademark agent organization" title and national "2011 degrees excellent trademark agent organization" The title in 2012, "the 2011-2012 of Chongqing advanced trademark agency". Employees are highly educated and professional training, which has a number of highly qualified and experienced trademark agents and attorneys, 5 people was in Chongqing brand association rated "outstanding trademark agent in Chongqing".
Chongqing blueprint trademark registered firm of business agent range including trademark registered, and change, and transfer, and continued exhibition, and objections, and review, and reply, and trademark international registered, and proved trademark and collective trademark registered and the famous, and with name, and well-known trademark of declared, trademark Affairs; patent application, and patent review, and with for right registration, and computer software registration, and intellectual property customs record and the intellectual property disputes processing, and litigation agent, related intellectual property Affairs and outside company registered Affairs; served as enterprise of intellectual property counsel. 20 years to, had for province both inside and outside more than 50,000 multiple enterprise or natural agent intellectual property Affairs hundreds of thousands of pieces; participation Enterprise striving for China famous trademark, and Chongqing with name trademark and Chongqing well-known trademark of foster and declared work, and success agent "heavy Yao", and "heavy Hui", and "watermelon taro", and "gold enrichment", and "days heavy", and "min aluminum", and "shenghui", and "Camellia", and "macro light", and "Yong Hui", and "governance and time", and "South spinning", and "pine" Trademarks such as Chinese well-known trademarks and dozens of trademarks in Chongqing, Chongqing famous trademark, well-known trademarks; and their counterparts in many countries and regions have established good business relationship, by agents of the international registration of marks among the best business in the province.

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