Formal trademark agency role

  application for trademark registration is a highly professional legal services. First to according to application of basic requirements help its for trademark strategy of planning, help its for trademark design of planning, even help its for market accept degree of forecast, analysis judge to application registered of trademark whether violation trademark law and trademark law implementation Ordinance of about provides, query whether and prior right phase conflict, also to understand applicants of intent, according to its currently status and planning development, and defense protection of field to select determine its to protection of commodity or service of category and the project, As far as possible use the same concept select the maximum costs projects, projects the most extensive radiation, the most representative items and obstacles to trade mark applications provides the best solutions to choose from, such as being malicious cybersquatting how objections, objection of defence by others, was rejected by the trademark office reviews whether to review, and so on. These complex and professional work, developed intellectual property lawyer-agent in a foreign country. Because of the long time needed for trademark registration in China, if blindly applied for a registered trademark by the applicants themselves, may be not only requires correction or inadmissible or rejected by the Trademark Office, which lost application fees, and had been held up, but also has the potential to waste a lot of advertising and product packaging. Trademark at home and abroad to apply for registration.
This requires trademark agencies and trademark agents possess high professional quality that is not only professional, but also has good conduct integrity, can stand in the applicant's perspective, to do things, help minimize errors and avoid risks, improve the success rate of registration, on behalf of the applicant in fact saving cost and time.
applicant can authorize a formal trademark agency handling trademark applications for registration and other related matters, can also be trademark agents as a trademark consultant was hired to solve problems encountered in the day-to-day work of brand.

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