Collective trademark registration

  collective marks are not trademarks of individual companies, but the trademark of an organization consisting of multiple companies. Collective marks can be used to trade, you can also use the service. Collective marks are used by members of the Organization, is not a member of the Organization cannot be used, may not be transferred.
1, stamped with the seal of the applicant of a copy of the application for trademark registration. Submit power of Attorney for trademark
2,/> 3, collective trademark subject qualification of the applicant and a copy of, or stamped with the seal of the applicant a certified copy of the.
4, and to geographic logo as collective trademark of, should in applications pieces in the description following content:
(1) the geographic logo by marked of commodity of specific quality, and reputation or other features;
(2) the commodity of specific quality, and reputation or other features and the geographic logo by marked of area of natural factors and Humanities factors of relationship;
(3) the geographic logo by marked of area of range.
5, rules of use and administration of collective marks.
6, list of collective members.
7, trademark pattern 6 (application for a photo on the back, and 5), requires clear drawings, specifications for length and width not less than 5 cm is not greater than 10 cm. If the specified color, 1 paste coloring drawings, coloring drawings of 5, 1 black and white drawings.
8, such as the application for registration of a collective trademark is a portrait, should provide a notarized portrait portrait of people agree with this statement file registered as trademarks.
1, collective trademark registration, and should be an organization, either industrial or commercial groups, or associations, industry, or other collective organizations, rather than to a single enterprise or individual operators.
2, apply to geographical indications as collective trademarks and certification trademarks registered, its attached to prove their oversight capability and domain of origin more than documents shall be kept by the provincial departments (including provincial level) issue.
3, and collective trademark using management rules should including following content: using collective trademark of purposes; using collective trademark of collective members of name, and address, and statutory representative people,; collective trademark specified using of commodity of quality; using collective trademark of procedures; collective members of right, and obligations and violation rules should bear of responsibility; registered people on using the collective trademark commodity of test supervision system.
4, a certification mark or collective marks in a category on application for registration as a registered application. In a category, regardless of the specified number of goods or services, registration fee is 3000 Yuan per piece.


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