A certification mark registered

  certification mark refers to certain commodities or services controlled with detection and monitoring capabilities, and by their use of goods or services, to prove the origin of the goods or services, raw materials, manufacture, quality, accuracy, or any other trademarks or service marks of a particular quality.
certification marks shall be supervised by a registered and used by people other than their registered person cannot be used. It was to prove itself from a country of origin of goods or services, or have a particular quality logo. As long as the parties providing goods or services in accordance with the specific qualities and with the registrant's compliance procedures, you can use the certification mark, a registered person shall not refuse.
(a) certification marks need to submit the application form for the
1, stamped with the seal of the applicant's application for trademark registration. Submit power of Attorney for trademark
2,/> 3, documents to prove qualification for trade mark applicants and copy of, or stamped with the seal of the applicant a certified copy of the, and details should be provided with or its authorized institution has the professional and technical personnel, test equipment, and so on, evidenced by the certification mark to indicate that it is monitoring the quality of specific goods.
4, and to geographic logo as proved trademark registered of, should in applications pieces in the description following content:
(1) the geographic logo by marked of commodity of specific quality, and reputation or other features;
(2) the commodity of specific quality, and reputation or other features and the geographic logo by marked of area of natural factors and Humanities factors of relationship;
(3) the geographic logo by marked of area of range.
5, use and administration of certification trade marks rules.
6, trademark pattern 6 (application for a photo on the back, and 5), requires clear drawings, specifications for length and width not less than 5 cm is not greater than 10 cm. If the specified color, 1 paste coloring drawings, coloring drawings of 5, 1 black and white drawings.
7, if it is a registered certification mark is portrait, should provide a notarized copy of portrait portrait people agree with this statement registered as trademarks.
1, that the applicant is the subject of eligibility can be the enterprise's business license, or public institutions, mass organizations and approved by the registration and establishment of files. Collective trademark registration, and should be an organization, either industrial or commercial groups, or associations, industry, or other collective organizations, rather than to a single enterprise or individual operators.
2, apply to geographical indications as collective trademarks and certification trademarks registered, its attached to prove their oversight capability and domain of origin more than documents shall be kept by the provincial departments (including provincial level) issue.
3, certification mark use management rules shall include the following: purpose, meaning or purpose of use of certification marks; the certification mark to prove the specific quality of the commodities; the conditions for use of the trademark; use of trade mark rights, obligations and liability for breach of rules shall be liable; persons registered for use of the certification mark for commodity inspection and supervision system.
4, a certification mark or collective marks in a category on application for registration as a registered application. In a category, regardless of the specified number of goods or services, registration fee is 3000 Yuan per piece.


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