United Kingdom trade mark registration information

  and the United Kingdom trademark term
United Kingdom trademark term of protection from the date of registration 10 can be renewed several times, each time for 10 years.
Second, the United Kingdom trade mark type
United Kingdom trade marks into trademarks, a collection of series of trademarks, service marks, trademarks, certification marks.
III, United Kingdom trademark constitutes a
United Kingdom trademark can planes (text, graphics).
four, United Kingdom trademark registration documents required
1, trademarks, drawings, product detail;
2, Power of attorney.
v, United Kingdom trade mark uses the term
1, United Kingdom trademarks must be used within five years of registration of the trademark;
2, is not used for five years in a row can be another's application to withdraw.
six, United Kingdom trademark renewal provisions
United Kingdom trademark private domestic demand before the expiry of a period of six months for renewal; expires can still pay an additional fee within six months after submission of the renewal.


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