Hong Kong trademark registration instructions

trademark authority in Hong Kong Hong Kong is an independent trade mark registration system. The intellectual property Department of Hong Kong under the trade marks registry, independently responsible for the examination of the application for trademark registration and are responsible for saving.
II, Hong Kong trademark registration
legal qualification has no special requirements for trade mark applicants, natural or legal persons and groups may apply for trademark registration, the law makes no provision for trade mark applicants must be on to use the trademark, if at the time of application for registration of the applicant stated that the use or intended use.
the applicant must complete the relevant application form, together with the trademarks and the related costs, be submitted to the trade marks registry. An application to a authorization system is also used in Hong Kong, the classification used is the international classification of 42 categories. May be the registered trademarks can be patterned, name, sign, text, font, numbers, signs of different shapes or colors, or various combinations of the above items as well as the main graphic, geographical names. Service marks are protected by
in Hong Kong, and retail services trademark may apply in Hong Kong.
apply for trademark registration in Hong Kong there is a special requirement is that the Office is entitled to require the applicant for trademark registration shall be completed within 12 months from the date of application all application procedures. If the applicant fails to comply with that provision, may be construed as a waiver application. Three, Hong Kong trademark examination and authorization
/> 1, part b of a, registration system and United Kingdom trademark system, Hong Kong's registered trademark registration is divided into part a and part b enrollment. In a registered trademark shall be in nature or is widely used for a long time and have remarkable properties. If he is in a unique way to show the name of the company, individual or firm, the signature of the applicant or his predecessor (except Chinese sign) and created one or more words or phrases, and so on. Only has the distinctive trademark will be granted a registration in part b. Trademarks registered in part b than in a registered trademark review strictly.
2, review and authorization process take second review and judicial supervision. First review decided to accept the registered trade mark in part a or in part b. The applicant agreed with the views of the trade marks registry, the registry issues a bulletin if first review decision to refuse to register or sign up for part b of the applicants do not agree will cause the second review. Applicants
not satisfied with the decision of the second review, may appeal to the Court. Reviewed by the first or second review notices of trademark, any person may appeal against the, objections for a period of two months, no objection or objections do not set up the trademark to be registered.
four, the duration of trademark registration
Hong Kong registered trademark is valid for 7 years, and then a further period of 14 years, unlimited access to its renewal, validity of the trademark registration to apply for commencement. In part a or part b of the register of trademarks legal status is different. A registered trademark of the greater protection. A trademark registration has completed 7 years of registration or deemed permanent; trademarks registered in part b you do not enjoy the same legal protection, after expiration of the registration, registration effectiveness may be questioned. In case of trademark infringement, easy to make infringement of a registered trade mark of the Court finds that the registered trademark owner of the part b charges, the defendant may have more justification, the Court may not issue a prohibition order.
v, the trademark registration in Hong Kong of information
1, the name and address of the applicant (in English) cost: 2800 plus official search fees, 700 of 3500.
2, identity document of the applicant (such as for the company, provide business registration certificate)
3, nationality or place of incorporation of the applicant
5,/> 4, the applicant be registered trademark pattern
6, registration of trademark category and product/service details


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